Chimney Cover Repair & Replacement

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When it comes to chimney cover repair and replacement services in the Boston area, Guaranteed Home Improvement has you covered. We provide homeowners with an array of reliable chimney services. The chimney cap and cover is one of the most important parts of the chimney. It protect the masonry crown and flue from damage.

Different Types of Chimney Caps

In general, there are two main types of chimney caps. There is the open-style caps and metal mesh caps. Learn more about the different types of caps and the different customization available. For older homes, the fireplaces and chimney has an open style cap that is typically made up of leftover cement and mortar from the original construction of the chimney. This cap is usually sloped in order to effectively push water and snow away from the chimney.

However, the flue is exposed. That is when we come to metal chimney caps, which often utilize a mesh screen that covers the opening of the flue. This sort of chimney cover has the benefit of preventing animals, pests, and debris from entering and obstructing the flue, all the while still allowing for the smoke and fumes to properly vent.

Signs You May Need To Repair or Replace Your Chimney Cover

No matter how useful or sturdy your chimney cover is, you will need repair work and a replacement eventually. This aspect is not supposed to last a lifetime and takes on wear and tear and damage each year that erodes its effectiveness. Here are some common signs you may need to repair or replace your chimney cover. And when that time comes, turn to the #1 chimney service team in the Boston area!

If you think you may need to replace or repair your chimney cover, please check out the common signs below. And if you believe you need work down, then please do not hesitate to reach out as soon as possible. Leaving something this important to the side is not recommended. Get it fixed before more dangerous situations present themselves, such as not letting the smoke or fumes properly vent.

Issues With The Firebox

Water is one of the oldest, and most dangerous, enemies of the chimney. When water infiltrates the chimney cover, it can soften the masonry and lead to extensive damage and repairs. On top of that danger, if water and debris are getting into your fireplace, then smoke and fumes may also be seeping back into the home. So if you believe there are issues with your chimney's firebox, then get us to come and inspect the chimney. Because that water is coming from somewhere and it is often the chimney cover that need repair work done or a full replacement.

Chimney Cover Blows Off

Well, this one is almost self-explanatory, but if your chimney cover blows off, then you need to quickly replace it. Over the years, strong winds and heavy rain can loosen it. And then it is not uncommon to simply see it blow away. Or it could simply have been installed poorly and blew off more due to that than the weather. When you turn to us, though, we guarantee that the chimney cover repair and replacement is strong and effective.

Rusting of the Chimney Cover

If you begin to notice rusting occurring with the chimney cover, then it is time to replace it. The chimney cover has continuous exposure to moisture, creosote, and other contaminants that may result in rust and corrosion. Which will weaken its effectiveness and thus can lead to more dangerous issues with the chimney and your home. And when the chimney cover rusts and weakens, animals can more easily find their way into your chimney and home.  


When your chimney cover is busted, you can start feeling downdrafts. A big gust of wind can force air right down the chimney stack and into your home. Cooling your home in an un-welcomed manner. On top of that, these downdrafts can also bring with them soot, creosote, and ash into your home. So you can avoid these issues by repair and/or replacing your chimney cover.

Get Professional Services For Your Chimney Cover

For more information about our chimney repair and replacement services in the Boston area, please give us a call today. The number for our office is 1-866-528-1324. When you call, we can provide you with an accurate and fair estimate for the potential work. We handle any and all aspects for your chimney, including chimney flashing repair, chimney damper repair, chimney cap replacement, and much more! Get the best chimney services in the Boston area when you turn to Guaranteed Home Improvement!

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