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Professional Chimney Inspections In Boston Area

Do you live in the Boston, MA area and need a professional chimney inspection? Guaranteed Home Improvement is a certified chimney cleaning company that provides dependable services to ensure for the safe use of your chimney. We will look at all aspects of your chimney and diagnose any issues we come across. If we spot something, we will let you know the extent of the damage as well as provide a recommended course of action. With decades of experience, we have opinions you can trust!

The Importance of a Chimney Inspection

Man inspecting a chimneyWhen it comes to a proper chimney inspection in the Boston area, there are a few pivotal elements to check into. The primary function of a chimney is to remove soot, blockages and any creosote from the chimney liner, firebox or smoke chamber. So, this is the first thing we look at. If you keep your chimney clean, it will operate efficiently and safely. However, even just a small accumulation of creosote can create a fire. So it is important to regularly inspect this. We can show you what to look for so you don’t let it build up.

A thorough and careful chimney inspection allows for us to alert the homeowner of any physical defects with the chimney. This includes looking at the firebox or flue, the build up of creosote, or the presence of any blockages. On top of that, every chimney inspection will reveal the status of the structure, its stability, any leaks, or cracks. When it is completed, we can provide you with the details of what we found and offer a course of action, if any.

The Chimney Safety Institute of America recommends a chimney inspection every 12 months. Even if you rarely use your fireplace or stove, it is still recommended that you have your chimney inspected annually. It is easy to become complacent and skip out on getting a chimney inspection. However, paying for an inspection is a small price to pay compared to a fire!

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Get the best chimney services in the Boston area when you turn to Guaranteed Home Improvement! Turning to a professional chimney cleaning company goes a long way in keeping your chimney safe. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today for more information. Learn more about the benefits of chimney cleaning and how it helps your home.