Emergency Chimney Repair

EMERGENCY CHIMNEY SERVICECarbon monoxide, chimney fires, blockages and water leaks from persistent rain are no joke. Don’t take the chance that the issue will resolve itself. Have your chimney periodically inspected to avoid serious problems.

In addition to causing serious damage to your home, these problems can affect the health of your family. Severe cases may even prove to be fatal. Don't delay when it comes to the health and wellness of your family.

24/7 Emergency Chimney Service

Guaranteed Chimney of New England, under the leadership of an owner who is an experienced firefighter, has ensured that all of our service technicians are properly trained and equipped to handle these emergencies. We are available 24/7 and your safety is our #1 concern.

If you ever experience an emergency with your chimney, please call Guaranteed Chimney of New England immediately for our expert repair services. Our number is 866-528-1324. Contact us today for more information about our wide array of other reliable chimney services, including inspections and certified sweeps. 

Carbon Monoxide

This toxic gas is infamous for being odorless and invisible, yet deadly. If a problem with your chimney is causing carbon monoxide to enter your home or business, call Guaranteed Chimney immediately!

Blockage in the chimney flue is a quick way for carbon monoxide to enter rooms in your home. You might smell fuel byproducts burning, but never the carbon monoxide. These fumes cause hundreds of deaths and illnesses in the country every year. While our emergency service will fix a problem with your chimney, be sure to have a reliable CO detector installed.

Puff Back

When there is a block in the chimney system, “puff back” is an indication of the problem. This is a residue from soot created by an oil burner, chimney or furnace. Aside from containing poisonous carbon monoxide, puff back will also stain surfaces in your home. There are mechanisms we can place to help lessen the effects of puff back, which is usually caused by strong winds.


A block or clog inside the chimney will cause smoke to enter your home, devastating your environment. This may be caused by debris coming from the outside or the terracotta lining on the interior walls breaking apart in the chimney flue. If you suspect there is a block or clog in your chimney, make no hesitation to call us so we can remove any objects and make repairs.

Boiler Gas Leak

If you have a gas leak coming from your boiler, there is a strong chance that it needs to be shut down immediately. If you are unable to access the boiler for fear of inhaling gases, call your oil burner technician or fire department without delay. Once the system has been safely shut down, call our emergency chimney service for full safety inspection and repair.

Chimney Fires

Frequent use of your fireplace will develop a layer of creosote (a combustible composite of fuel exhaust and moisture similar to tar) on the chimney interior. This is a residue that can cause a chimney fire, especially if there is a clog in your chimney. A chimney fire will cause cracks in the structure, resulting in poisonous fumes leaking into your home. These fires will damage bricks and the mortar as well.

Chimney Leaks

When bricks loosen or mortar joints lose their holds, chimney leaks may appear. As weather changes from cold to hot, the increased moisture in the air causes air pockets and expansion in certain materials. This natural occurrence allows holes and cracks to form leaving the inside of your chimney's flue susceptible to the elements and animals in the area. If your chimney is leaking and cannot circulate heat efficiently, you may have increased energy bills to compensate for the warm air escaping too quickly.

Loose Bricks

Following a heavy storm, bricks can loosen on the chimney structure. Not only are falling bricks a hazard to people walking around on your property, missing bricks mean openings to where rainwater seeps into your home. A loose brick can also fall into the flue, causing the blockage. If you see any bricks that are out of place, have your chimney inspected by an expert as soon as possible.