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Repairing a chimney damper is required from time to time. Our chimney professionals can inspect and repair your chimney damper to ensure that it is in good working order. Chimney dampers are important for any home with a fireplace and when working properly it keeps all the occupants safe and sound. Get an estimate for effective chimney damper repair today.

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When you reach out, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation and go over the best and most affordable route possible. Once we have an understanding about your chimney situation, we can provide you with a fair accurate estimate for the work.

How to Repair a Chimney Damper

When you turn to Guaranteed Home Improvement, you get professional care and attention for your chimney. Which means you can trust us to effectively repair your chimney damper. We are some common steps on how to go about it. Below we share a brief step-by-step guide on how to repair your chimney damper. However, we recommend turning to the professionals at Guaranteed Home Improvement for all chimney and fireplace repairs throughout the greater Boston area. We are the #1 team in the area when it comes to repairing a chimney damper. Get service you can trust!

Step 1: Remove Debris

The first move to any repair work for a chimney damper is to remove any debris. We always start here by cleaning the debris and any creosote from the damper before we have to remove it. In many instances, we find that debris was blocking hinges and preventing the damper from closing or opening.

Creosote buildup is dangerous, but if we remove it early enough during stage 1 then it can be easy to clean. However, stage 2 and stage 3 creosote buildup may be impossible to remove without causing further damage to the chimney. Late stage creosote buildup typically requires repairing and/or replacing the damper and other chimney parts.

Step 2: Damper Plate Removal

When you look up from your chimney firebox, you see a rod that is fixed to the chimney by a nut. We loosen the nut, remove the rod, and the damper plate will either come down right away or it might need to be twisted. Our pros will understand how it works and get it removed safely. When the plate is cracked or warped, a replacement is necessary. We can make that determination when we inspect your chimney.

Step 3: Clean Everything

Clean everything! We will clean the frame where the damper plate rests, clean the damper plate itself, and clean the rod. All the while checking for corrosion. Many chimney damper problems come out due to debris and rust. Even if you purchase a new damper plate, the frame and firebox will still need to be cleaned. Get professional chimney cleaning with our services.

Step 4: Replace the Damper Plate

Once all the aspects are cleaned out and we understand that there are no more issues, we will then replace the chimney damper plate. We will professionally handle this replacement and make sure that everything is aligned correctly. After installation, we will also make sure it opens and closes properly.

Top-Sealing Dampers

Top-sealing dampers are very efficient models and help with the heating and cooling loss in the home. They also ably prevent animals, moisture, and debris from falling into the chimney.

Top-sealing dampers come in two different types. One features a stainless steel hood that is operable with springs and allows you to compress or expand the top-sealing damper at your leisure when you want to use your fireplace. The other model utilizes a hinge instead of a pop-top design. But both use steel cables to operate from the top of the firebox or top of the chimney. In a similar fashion to a flue damper chain.

With either models for a top-sealing damper, the steel cables can break over time. If this happens, then the top-sealing damper automatically opens. You can prevent this issue, for the most part, by scheduling regular chimney inspections and sweeps. Get a certified chimney sweep and keep your chimney damper working perfectly.