Do You Need a Chimney Inspection?


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Jun 01, 2016

Warning Signs Your Chimney Needs an Inspection

Your fireplace is the focus of family gatherings and a great way to take the chill off during the coldest winter nights. For many, it is a basic necessity. As relaxing as your fireplace can be, it can also pose danger to your home and your family. If your fireplace is not properly maintained and cared for, it may start a fire where you don’t want one, which usually happens inside your chimney. Even after removing ash at the appropriate time, it’s what doesn’t turn into ash that puts your home at risk. Creosote is nothing more than unburned wood energy that builds up on your chimney’s inner surface and can cause damage and serious house fires.

Preventing Chimney Fires:

It's not a guarantee that you'll never experience a house fire. However, regular chimney cleaning will greatly reduce the chances of your chimney catching fire. According to the NFPA, the second leading cause of house fires is heating equipment and two out of three heating equipment fires result from heating appliances, which includes fireplaces, chimneys and wood stoves. Of the fires that start in the chimney or fireplace, most are a direct result of creosote deposits. Prevent this from happening and have your chimney inspected by Guaranteed Chimney of New England.

Cleaning Your Chimney:

Regular chimney cleanings will remove the inevitable buildup of creosote and soot. Unfortunately, there’s no simple rule of thumb for when to do it. Don’t rely on the standard advice of having it done once a year or at some other set time. Clean your chimney when it needs to be cleaned-which is when the creosote is thick enough to warrant cleaning.

Monitoring Your Chimney:

If there is smoke flowing into your house, or a build up of ashe on your roof, you know there is a creosote build up that needs to be addressed. Depending on where you live and how much wood you burn, it is smart to monitor how quickly creosote builds up. Being in Boston and the larger Massachusetts area means your winters are cold and sometimes long, so your chimney use could range from October to April. This means constant and routine cleanings should become a habit of yours.

The payoff for ensuring that your chimney is in prime working condition is priceless-peace of mind every time you build a fire. Keep your family and house safe and get a certified chimney inspection from one of our many experts at Guaranteed Chimney of New England. Proudly serving Boston citizens and the larger Massachusetts area.