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For the best chimney mortar repair in the Boston area, turn to the team at Guaranteed Home Improvement of New England. We staff contractors with years of experience who can effectively fix your chimney. We pride ourselves on providing Boston homeowners with the best chimney mortar repair for their money.

What is Mortar and Why Do You Need It For a Chimney?

Mortar is the mixture of sand, cement and water that holds bricks together and allows for the building of structures, like brick chimneys for your home without it falling apart right after construction. Due to the elements that make up mortar, mixing them together forms a thick, sticky paste. The cement provides the strength, while the water and sand allow for easy workability. During a chimney repair job, we can effectively apply mortar to fix any damaged bricks or masonry work. This goes for aspects of the fireplace or anywhere on the chimney that has damaged or compromised masonry work. After application, the mortar will harden over time forming a strong bond that will not easily break under the pressures from the elements. If you have chimney mortar damage, you need a professional to repair it. When you turn to Guaranteed Home Improvement, we will come and remove any old mortar and replace it with new mortar.


The mortar of your chimney is often an overlooked aspect, but one that still needs to be repaired from time to time. This process of replacing old mortar with new mortar is called tuckpointing. During this process, the crumbling mortar is ground out to a certain depth and gets replaced with new mortar. Before we begin, we will come down and inspect the chimney. This way we get a full scope of the work that needs to be done and how extensive it is. Due to our years of experience, we will make sure this chimney mortar repair is as affordable as can be!

Chimney Mortar Repair Signs

Boston Chimney Mortar Repair Before & AfterLike with anything, there are some critical signs to look out for and spot to see if you need chimney mortar repair. When the chimney mortar is weak, moisture gets into the brick or stone masonry. This results in the masonry flaking or popping off as a result. You can even test this yourself by rubbing a key across the mortar. If a powdered material appears, then it is time to repair the masonry of your chimney. If the key scratching doesn't result in anything happening, then the masonry is strong. Of course, if you are unsure and would like a professional opinion, then our team can come and take a look.

It is important to get this repair work done, because weak masonry leads to corrosion. And moisture can get into the chimney and cause the stone or brick masonry to break apart. So by repairing the chimney's masonry, you are extending the life of the chimney. And if you let this problem fester, then you may be in store for a full chimney rebuild. Because the chimney's structural integrity becomes compromised when the mortar begins failing. Learn more about how to remove mortar and if you need a professional team then get in touch with us.

Importance of Chimney Mortar Repair

Winter is especially an important time of year to have your masonry inspected and maintained. After a snowfall, the freezing and thawing of water that enters small spaces can result in cracks in the front of the bricks. This is called "spalling." This happens in the concrete due to the moisture found in the concrete itself. This moisture pushes outward from the inside and excessive spalling can do a lot of damage and even cause structures to crumble. Basements are the most common location this occurs.

The advantages of using masonry for structures on your property are plentiful. The bricks used will not burn in a fire, they do not attract insect pests such as termites, they remain strong in all kinds of weather and work well for insulation in a home. Because there are no trees involved, masonry is also environmentally-friendly.

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Guaranteed Chimney of New England has years of experience working on chimneys in the Boston area. We provide homeowners throughout the Boston area with affordable chimney mortar repair. Repairing the mortar is crucial to the overall safety of the chimney. So please do not hesitate to reach out to us to get started on any repairs.

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