Chimney Cap Replacement

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The replacement of a chimney cap is a necessary byproduct of owning a chimney. At some point during your ownership of a chimney will you need to replace the chimney cap. They do not last forever, no matter how expertly installed they are. When you turn to Guaranteed Home Improvement, you will be getting chimney services that are unmatched in the Boston area.

What is a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps fit on top of the chimney and provide ventilation of the chimney, as well as a block against water and animals. In general, the best chimney caps extend at least 1 inch over the edges of the chimney. This is so the water does not drip off the edge of the ca and into the chimney. No matter the type of chimney cap installed, it needs to be removable in order for regular cleaning and servicing. There are various chimney cap replacement types, too, for when they get old and no longer function properly.

Chimney Cap Replacement Types

When it comes to chimney cap replacement, there are a few different options to choose from. These options typically boil down to the home and type of chimney already installed. Read more to learn about the different types of chimney caps:

  • Multi-Flue Chimney Caps: Do you need to cover a multi-flue chimney but can't find a stock cap that will meet your unique needs? We can custom make a cap that will fit your chimney perfectly. We have both crown mount and side mount caps available.

  • Single Flue Chimney Caps: The single flue masonry chimney cap is designed to fasten directly to your clay flue tile liner at the top or your chimney. Available in stainless steel, copper and galvanized copper.

  • Metal Chimney Caps: If you are looking for a replacement chimney cap for your metal chimney, this is the right category. We have chimney caps for solid pack and air-cooled chimneys of all makes and models. These chimney caps are constructed with stainless steel, so you won't have to worry about corrosion and rust through.

Chimney Cap Customization

We can also customize a chimney cap or chase cover to fit the dimensions of your chimney that best fits the style of your home. Our caps and covers can be made with the following materials:

  • stainless steel
  • white aluminum
  • black aluminum
  • copper

When choosing the best option for your new chimney cap, make sure you get in touch with us. We will help you go over any and all options to ensure that the replacement for your chimney caps works well.

Common Problems with a Chimney Cap

When it comes to a chimney cap repair job, there are a few common problems that people experience that lead to these repairs. Here are a few common problems chimney owners may experience in the Boston area that may to repair work.

Water Leaking

Water leaking can be caused for a few reasons, which includes poor installation or damage to the cap. If water is leaking into your home, then it can cause extensive damage. When there is water leaking, it is imperative to get that looked at ASAP before any bigger issues arise.

Debris Clogging the Vents

Areas where there are a lot of trees near the chimney can lead to debris clogging the vents. The debris can be leaves and fallen branches, but the debris can also be from nearby birds perching on branches or on the chimney cap and dropping seeds inside the cap. When that happens, there can be plant life growing around the vent, which may eventually fully block it.


Animals getting into the chimney is a dangerous problem, since it can lead to smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning. If you think there is an animal in your chimney, then our animal removal services can get it out safely and clear up any issues you may be having with your chimney cap.

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