Smoke Chamber Repair Services

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What is the Smoke Chamber?

Your smoke chamber is located just above the damper. It looks like an inverted funnel. The purpose of a smoke chamber is to direct the smoke up and out through the top of the chimney. In most homes, the smoke chamber is a hidden fire hazard as the walls of the smoke chamber are hard to see. In older homes, the bricks used to build the smoke chamber may have had holes, which makes the possibility of a fire starting much more plausible. Keep your smoke chamber up to current codes and standards with professional help.

It was only established recently that it is necessary to remove the damper and the nearby bricks to access the smoke chamber and use a hand trowel to fill in the holes and cracks your chimney may have. However, there are newer products that have been released that make filling in the holes much easier. There is a recommended product called Smoketite that is a spray that makes fixing the holes and cracks much easier. You no longer have to remove the damper and nearby bricks.

Smoke Chamber Parging

In many chimneys, the walls of the smoke chamber are constructed from brick. This is especially true in older chimneys where the bricks are laid in a "stepping" pattern that is toward the chimney. It is important to have the walls of the smoke chamber be smooth, but the jagged steps of older smoke chambers can impede the chimney's draft. Due to this feature, the smoke can flow back into the home and more heat transfer occurs between the fireplace and the surrounding area. When there is uneven, corbeled smoke chambers the solution is parging.

Parging is also recommended when the bricks of the smoke chamber break down, which happens over time. The walls of the smoke chamber are damaged by fire over time and the inner core of the bricks can become exposed over time, which threatens the overall strength of the smoke chamber.

Parging improves the chimney's draft and strength. In order to parge your smoke chamber, our chimney professionals use a refractory mortar to smooth out the steps of the uneven smoke chamber. Or we rebuild the walls of the damaged or deteriorated chamber. This refractory mortar holds up to the heat of the fireplace, will enhance the overall strength of the fireplace, and the newly smooth surface will improve the chimney's draft, which prevents smoke from flowing back into the home.

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Keep Your Home Safe

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), defective smoke chambers are the third leading cause of chimney-related house fires. For the safety and efficiency of your fireplace, it is important to seal any gaps, cracks, or holes in the smoke chamber and to smooth out the brick corbelling. Because the smoke chamber is a “high heat” area, any gaps, cracks, or holes can allow excessive heat to attack any surrounding wood or combustibles. The jagged corbelling slows the draft and will provide more surface area for highly combustible creosote and soot to form.

This is still a job for experts however as it is not an easy job. The sealant will keep your chimney safe up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is impregnable to water, acids, and vapors and even if you choose to not use this sealant, our experts at Guaranteed Chimney of New England can repair the gaps in your chimney without it. If you are interested in our smoke chamber repair services, please contact us today. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free estimate. And discuss the various chimney services we offer.

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