Chimney Liner Replacement

Guaranteed Chimney of New England provides a wide array of chimney liner services, including chimney liner replacement. Our service area extends home and business owners throughout the Boston area. Essentially any building or home with a chimney is open to our services. We are a licensed and insured chimney cleaning company.

If you need your chimney liner replaced, please call 1-866-528-1324. When you call, we can provide you with a free estimate. And get started on replacing your old or damaged chimney liner with a new one!

Importance of Replacing Your Chimney Liner

Chimney Liner ReplacementIt is important to replace your chimney liner periodically, because over time flue glasses and water vapor can break down mortar joints from inside the chimney itself. If this problem is left, then serious health dangers can arise. Carbon monoxide can seep through these cracks and gaps and enter your home. These gases can cause sickness or even death, as well as chimney fires. 

A chimney liner will not only keep you safe in your home, but it can also save you money down the line. This is because a new liner has better insulation.

Chimney liners need to be replaced periodically, because they rust and wear over the years. Having a new one installed will ensure that you and your family are kept safe. We offer a lifetime warranty for each and every chimney liner replacement job we complete. When you turn to us you can expect a professional job. 

Call For A Free Estimate

Guaranteed Chimney of New England has years of experience providing clients across the Boston area with trusted and dependable chimney lining replacement services. For more information about our chimney services, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about our chimney liner replacement. The number to call is 1-866-528-1324. One phone call to our offices and we can provide you with a free estimate. We will work closely with you to ensure that we complete the project within your budget.