Chimney Mortar Repair

Guaranteed Chimney of New England provides homeowners across the great Boston area with an area of chimney services. This includes any masonry repair work that needs to be done. For more information about our chimney mortar repair for the Boston area, please give us a call. The number for our office is 1-866-528-1324. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free estimate for our services. We can also answer any other questions you may have regarding your chimney.

Chimney Mortar RepairWe pride ourselves on providing Boston homeowners with the best chimney mortar repair for their money. Our contractors have years of experience in the field. We utilize an assortment of processes that lead to excellent results. One such process is "tuckpointing," which we use to repair the mortar in between the bricks. During tuckpointing, we remove the original mortar and replace it to ensure a solid structure. While this chimney brickwork seems simple enough to accomplish on your own, you should always leave masonry repair to the experts. 

Importance of Chimney Mortar Repair

Winter is especially an important time of year to have your masonry inspected and maintained. After a snowfall, the freezing and thawing of water that enters small spaces can result in cracks in the front of the bricks. This is called "spalling." This happens in the concrete due to the moisture found in the concrete itself. This moisture pushes outward from the inside and excessive spalling can do a lot of damage and even cause structures to crumble. Basements are the most common location this occurs.

The advantages of using masonry for structures on your property are plentiful. The bricks used will not burn in a fire, they do not attract insect pests such as termites, they remain strong in all kinds of weather and work well for insulation in a home. Because there are no trees involved, masonry is also environmentally-friendly.

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Guaranteed Chimney of New England has years of experience working on chimneys in the Boston area. We are proud to provide homeowners in the area with outstanding chimney mortar repair. To learn more about our masonry repair work, please contact us today.  We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about the importance of repairing the masonry and mortar of your chimney. Call us today and get a free estimate. The number to dial is 1-866-528-1324. We look forward to helping you with any of your chimney needs.