Chimney Animal Removal

Chimney Animal Removal is a year-round issue, but instances spike exponentially with the warmer months. If you believe there is an animal in your chimney, you should call an expert right away if you are unable to remove it (safely) yourself. If you are in fact hearing noises in your chimney, it could be one of those scenarios; a wild animal such as a raccoon is using your chimney as a home for its babies or a squirrel or bird has fallen down the chimney and cannot get back up.

Professional Animal Removal From Chimneys

Never try and smoke the animal out as it is not only hazardous to the animal, it could become hazardous to yourself as well and in some scenarios it can be viewed as a criminal act. Wild animals tend to mistake uncapped chimneys for hollow trees and other nesting areas and they have no idea that the chimney they are entering is part of a person's home. Contact us today if you are in need of our chimney services. We proudly serve residents across the Boston area.

How do you tell whether the animal is stuck or making a home in your chimney?

The easiest way to tell the difference between an animal who has used your chimney as a home, such as a raccoon and an animal that is stuck, such as a bird or squirrel, is by listening to the noise that the animal makes. An animal that is stuck is often frantic and will scratch at the damper or flap its wings repeatedly in an effort to get out. If the damper is not closed, the animal may fall down into the fireplace and even if he is able to get back up above the damper or onto the smoke shelf, it is important to recognize that this animal is unable to climb the entire length of the chimney.

If you believe the animal has made a home in your chimney, you may occasionally hear movement, as well as the sounds of babies calling out to their parent. These noises will follow a more predictable pattern and usually occur at specific parts of the day.


If an animal has found its way into your chimney through the cap, you either need to have a cap installed or replaced. You want to avoid having an animal burrow into your chimney at all costs and their presence could cause harm to you, themselves and the chimney, so call Guaranteed Chimney today for all of your Boston chimney services. We are a certified chimney cleaning company. The number to call is (866) 528-1324. We look forward to helping you.